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The websites breathes design and simplicity. Lociloci is also adapted for viewing over any phone — it is equally intuitive for viewing over the mobile as is on the web. Just imagine you are on the go and need know where you friend or family member is right now. The Lociloci website has the highest commercially available encryption SSL which guarantees the privacy of subscribers and their searches.

The website is hacker safe just like FollowUs, and follows and goes beyond the best practices when it comes to storing personal and location data.

Tracker Devices:

A person can terminate their consent at any time. Reminders are sent to all owners of tracked phones on a regular basis. You get a considerable reduction in price if you subscribe for a whole year, just contact their support. For the monthly fee that you pay, during the month you can make an unlimited number of tracks credits and can add unlimited number of phones or unlimited number of people to invite. You can track as many people as you want without paying any extra fee.

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This is certainly the best mobile locator when it comes to pricing if tracking is important to you, especially if you are a heavy user of such services, Lociloci is definately a much more cost-effective choice. The accuracy of their main mobile phone tracking service using GSM is around meters in urban areas and over meters in less populated areas read more about GSM technology to understand how location is determined.

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You can choose from both business and home packages. The home packages are more basic, but this does not mean that they cannot be the best mobile locator packages for you. With such a package, you can track mobile phones from the website of the company. With a business plan, you can use scheduled tracking. You can track the history of the locations of each person that you follow. What seperates FollowUs from the rest of the mobile locators in the UK is that they use a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy. Read Pricing section below for more info. With FollowUs, you get to use multiple scale maps which make identifying the precise location of a mobile easy and quick.

The service can be used from computers with internet connection and from telephone supporting WAP browsing. The site and map interface are not compatible or designed for viewing on modern phones, nor do the maps look so pleasing to the eye.

Mobile Phone Tracker – What Is Phone Tracking & How Can It Be Useful to You?

The design of the site is outdated and the usability can be improved to cater for a nicer browsing experience. The company states that they follow the industry standard code of practice for security. They request permission from mobile phone users to be tracked by the service subscribers. The tracked persons can opt out of this at any time.

In addition, tracking can be banned temporarily in the evenings and on weekends if required.

This is a nice feature the other two locators lack. It is also worth noting that there are a handful of companies in the UK using FollowUs to see over their employees location — for their safety. FollowUS is a pay-as-you-go service for home users. No monthly plans, no contracts. These services search through public records such as voter registration to find matching phone numbers. None of these services are free, however.

Phone Tracking Explained: The technical stuff

You'll likely need to pay to perform a search using them. Popular reverse lookup services include: [3] Avoid free phone tracing sites. There's a very good chance that any site that claims to track phone numbers is a scam.

The only way that you can legally trace a number is by matching it with public records. Beyond that, only the authorities can trace numbers. Report nuisance calls. If you are regularly receiving nuisance calls from the same number, you can report it to British Telecom. Oftentimes this will allow you to resolve the issue without getting the police involved. Call to report nuisance calls to BT. Contact a private investigator.

You can hire a private investigator if you've hit a dead end. Be aware that the investigator will only be able to search through public sources as well. These services aren't cheap, but can be much more thorough than a reverse phone lookup service. You may be able to find an investigator that will guarantee results or you get a refund. Many require an upfront payment with no guarantee.

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Some private investigators will only take the case if the results are to be used in a legal case. Contact the authorities. If you are getting harassed by an unknown number, you can report it to the authorities. Law enforcement personnel may be able to trace the phone number. Usually they will only do so if it is part of a larger case. You can find the contact information for your local police department at police. My partner and I have this app and hoped to include our son should it have proved reliable. It's not bad but there are some issues.

When someone you follow isn't connected the app is supposed to send a message to remind them to launch the app. Unfortunately this has never worked.

This is compounded by the fact that the iOS version that I have just shuts down automatically, though iOS does warn you. This would appear to have nothing to do with battery life. I personally would prefer to choose when I wish to close the app or at the very least receive a notification when my partner wants to know where I am. The need for a data connection is a weakness but that will be less of an issue as networks continue to expand and improve. Like I said, Nearly there. The PhoneTracker is great for tracking friends and family. I would recommend this for parents of children walking to and from school for safety.

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