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The fact it's a separate app has no bearing because it's totally seamless across all the Android apps. That's a big win for Android. Still, good job for MS in continuously improving WP and not giving up. Davidacoder - The is only grams, compared to an iPhone 4 at grams and iPhone 5 at grams. Scott Hanselman. Upgraded both my and my wife's Lumia s on Monday. Loving all the subtle improvements so far, with the swipe typing alone being reason enough to upgrade.

Cortana is cool, though I don't know that I'll ever use it enough to really take full advantage of all the features, voice control is just not for me. Works great for setting reminders, though. As far as apps, all the major ones that I care about are there though the Flickr app looks like it hasn't been updated since WP 7 - still works, but doesn't integrate with some of the newer social features.

The "quick settings" on the notification screen are great, though ostensibly the most useful toggle, cellular data, is presently not available as an option there. Overall, I think it's a great update to an already strong platform and definitely worth a shot.

The things people spend most of their time on a smartphone doing taking pictures, texting, using social media and browsing the web are all best in class experiences. I think the "lack of apps" is mostly a myth outside of goofy vendor specific things which are generally just website wrappers anyway. Brad Westness. That is HUGE. The iPhone feels like an elegant, small device, the like a big, heavy thing in comparison.

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Can't there be one, out of the gazillion well, dozens Windows phones, that matches the iPhone on weight? Here's a few of my qualms. Titles of some apps are render in huge text that, if they are too long, some of the header gets cut off. The search icon on this All Apps screen is at the top left, violating the same Metro paradigm that places the search icon on the lower command bar.

Transition should be a smooth fade in and fade out, almost flipboard'ish. The start screen should scroll horizontally just like Windows 8, Android, or iOS.. Instead of freely scrolling the start screen, it should be paged. What's the benefit of live tile if it is off screen? There should be a quick launch bar at the bottom where user can pin their app not the same as pinning live tile. The spacing between tiles should be slightly increase cause WP8 looks like a clutter mess.

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Overall, Metro UI needs a big time makeover. Yes, the guts and basic functionality are being baked into the OS, but users love eye candy and this is where the battle is.

Cortana steals the show in Microsoft's new Windows Phone update

Google and Apple iterated their UI For me, the notification panel and the distinct alert sounds for each email account make it complete. Plus the Lumia Icon has a super camera and a beautiful screen. I'm not a really big app user so I don't really miss any. Swipe down from the top and get notifications in one place. Quiet Hours takes this a little further with the concept of an "Inner Circle" and a more sophisticated series of configurable rules like "Don't bother me at night on weekdays unless it's these three people, and text everyone else back that I'm not answering calls.

It also allows a contact list of people that can get through. Again, forever. Has for years. It's nice that Windows Phone now has the capabilities of a Samsung Galaxy S2 except for the selection of apps. But, I guess this list shows how truly behind Apple is these days.

David - I guess I'll need to go feel my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 again.

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I don't notice a major different. Hanselman - you've just earned a spot on my start screen! I personally would love a bit more weight if that meant a bigger batter and wireless charging. Abdu - things have changed since the Samsung Focus. Candy Crush is not. If Candy Crush is your concern than do not get a Windows Phone. If you must have the latest fad apps, I'm not sure why you haven't gone iPhone Cortana goes beyond Google Now is areas.

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GN doesn't have People-centric reminders. Wordlow swipe typing is more accurate than Swype and faster too. I'm not sure why you feel the need to minimize what Windows Phone has done, but if you enjoy your Samsung, enjoy it. It's not a religion - no one is forcing you to convert. A little investigation would reveal however that Windows Phone has taken steps to move beyond the competition. I'm sure the competition will respond and that is why competition is great. Although it is meant to make background pictures possible for live tiles, I find them more or less confusing.

I love the clean design of unicolored tiles on my screen. Through vibrant colors that I can choose to my very own taste, I can express my emotions without the start screen distracting me from what it is meant for: Supporting me in getting my things done very fast and then get back to real life.

Background pictures are distracting.

Navigation menu

However, I found out that they are are great feature nonetheless. Because I can create unicolored pictures, I can circumvent the useless limitation of only 20 colors Windows Phone makes me choose from and can set virtually ANY color I want for my live tiles after all! I developed a little Windows Phone 8.

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This way you have the color of your real choice at your fingertips literally and have your live tile color changed in no time. Great for corporate identities! Very nice Its too bad my pebble watch isn't comaptable with windows phone Christian - Try some of the stock photos I'm finding that faces don't look good, but close ups of flowers, etc, do. Like the examples in the picture. By the way, I projected my screen with this " Project your screen " app. JD That's why I said "a popular app I felt is useful to me was not available".

I don't care about fad apps which are mostly games. In fact I don't play games at all on the phone. I read emails, RSS feeds and tweets plus a handful of utility apps. Another reason why I got the biggest phone Galaxy Mega which is Android only. Compared to most people I have a lot fewer apps but when I want an app, I want it. After several incidents like that, I decided it was time to switch.